Perspectives From The Other Side

I liked how this place creeps me out! The creepier the place, the more likely I am there.  I love to find places that looked like they once were visited by humans, but then slowly became abandoned.  I’m not talking about old abandoned houses, mansions or even factories.  Places that still stand but have been subjected to harsh weather, overtaking nature and some age crumbling destruction on the side for good measure.

A couple of years ago I was driving down a country road that I usually frequent between two cities, only this time something caught the corner of my eye as I drove by.  This time was a bit different because it was winter and most of the leaves had fallen from the trees.

As I circled around I see this half aluminum and half stone structure that spanned several hundred feet in length.  I couldn’t figure it out but I knew I had to see if it was a contender for my next photo shoot.  I get asked all the time about why I looked at a particular object or setting and took a picture of it.  Usually my answer is because I liked it.  But more often I will stand and pontificate endlessly about why.  That is just getting honest nerd from my father.  Thanks Dad!

Recently I’ve started capturing images of subject matter that are in settings or in a state of being that most people wouldn’t see, wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t understand.  So this time it was a few hours of walking around and looking while snapping photos as usual.  For the most part this all seemed like any other place I go except this place begins to take over my subconscious mind with its vibe, speaking to me with rekindled energy, as if I was summoned there to spend some time.

I agreed, and began to listen to see what I could hear.  I started thinking that I went to this place on the spur of the moment, on a whim, unannounced.  It hit me, that no one knows I am here.  I was a good half a mile from any view from the road.  I was on an abandoned bridge.  The chills suddenly overwhelmed my arms, neck and legs.  Then I started hearing sound that made me uncomfortable, resembling small animals running back and forth in the brush then stopping when I stopped.

Creepy Bridge Photo
The Bridge of No Return

I realized this could very well be the bridge of no return and became more exciting by the second.  As I could feel my senses heightened and my hearing became almost bionic.  As I began to snap more and more photos the creeps set in really deep, and since I was at about the two hour point, I decided to make my way back to my car.  I turned around, and at that moment I realized I had to go all the way back through the creep gauntlet once more.

Making my way back I began to feel as if someone was watching me, and just like all those “finding Bigfoot” episodes I have watched, there were no bird noises, no sounds at all except my crunching as I walked.  After half an hour I picked up the pace and began to whistle my way across the bridge.   About half way across I stopped and began to wonder, if in fact there were other entities there with me…nah.

This was one of the creepiest places I have shot photos at, and for me it’s time to up the ante and find something creepier.  I know, call me glutton, or photo nerd, I like both of those.  I heard that abandoned buildings can be creepy but in my opinion there are too many of those out there.  I want to experience something different next time, it has to be special.

Somehow I wondered if there were accidents that happened on the bridge that became the reason it was shut down.  I kept taking photos of the bridge as if I would never see it again, but of course this was not the case.  Shooting pictures there I realized that things change, places and communities evolve as do we.


The biggest thing I realized about where I was and what I was doing is that, aside from possibly trespassing, this great nation is full of these places that need to be discovered and captured for all of time.

If you are in Alabama and want to see this place for yourself let me know in the comments and I will hook you up.  The best thing I can do is share it for others to see until it is forever gone.  My advice for budding photographers, and even seasoned veterans, is if you see something old and decayed, snap a picture of it.  It will soon be consumed by time.

Please connect with me and let me know what you think.