Sparkle and Flow

I’ve always been drawn to fountains.  They speak to me and most often every fountain I’ve seen present great details and form a message of the creator.  I must have hundreds of photos of this fountain.  Its one of the most beautiful fountains I have ever seen in the United States.  What strikes me most is the patina that delivers the essence of its beauty. Since the fountain is iron its green patina creates a ominous glow during the day and night.


This fountain has three main creatures.  Humans, birds and fish.  I’ve always tried to capture the sparkle, the patina and the amazing detail at its best.  You can see the water was colored pink for a local cause and makes the iron glow in shades of pink.


The birds appear to be egrets and they are poised to show their beauty as iron cast creatures of a lesser known prominence.

Of all the majestic birds in the world I believe the egret is one of the bottom feeders of the species.  The are not particularly colorful, or considered a top tier predator. They are timid and feed on small prey.  So being on this fountain shows a striking but dossil form true to nature.

The fish of the fountain seem to be part hidden as if the creator wanted people to discover them accidently. Oftentimes you’ll see different faces appear in the different light, which offers a multitude of photo opportunities.  Fountain_Montgomerylandscape1.jpgAt night the

special glows luminate the patina in fascinating colors, sparkles and flowing patterns.  The figures almost look as if they are alive as the lights reflect through the water flow the shadows begin to move around creating a great pattern of movement.

Fountain_Montgomerylandscape4.jpg  The solemn look on the figures faces give me opportunities to develop an artistic look to create an old world painted feel that presents as a masterpiece in a big bold frame.


The fountain is constructed and positioned such that it presents the scenes of the city around it in beautiful, radiant fashion. Like slide show of angles that reveal dozens of stories of their own.

“It is with great elegance and rugged prominence these fountains stand to present their sparkle and flow.”

Developing a sort of view in a view the scenes are striking once you discover them.

Fountain_Montgomerylandscape2 copy.jpg

Sitting, waiting, wondering what to do, this boy looks like he has pondered for better than one hundred years.  Day and night protecting the children above.


Children in the fountain
The small cherub-like boys seem more in a state of wonderment and not solitude. They have an almost playful, yet striking pose atop the upper most tier of the fountain. Their innocence is protected by the woman at the top of the fountain.

The children seem to have been added to represent the innocence once held by men as a small child.  While the fountains history does not represent an innocence, it does provide an amazing scene for photographers.

The flow of water seems to begin with her at the top of the fountain as she pours from a vase downward into a small cup.

As she pours she watches to the west, and I can only imagine what a sunset would do when projected into the flowing water and patina of the fountain.


The city has morphed of the decades and large buildings have been built around it.  The fountain will not see a true sun rise or set on its iron structure, and maybe that’s a good thing.


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